Transparent Treatment Process

“Transparent Treatment” means that we put our client’s needs and safety at the forefront, and work with referring partners and facilities who operate in an ethical manner.

It is our policy to avoid unethical practices in regards to admissions, business development, and/or clinical practices. We hold client confidentiality in high regard and want to make sure that clients are not mistreated or abused through insurance fraud or “client brokering”. Casa Colina Treatment and our team have taken a pledge to be a part of the solution, and we take pride in that. Transparency for our team means being open with you and treating you and/or your loved one with integrity and honesty. This also means having authentic dialog with you and/or your loved one prior to admission about our length of stay, our expectations, our program philosophy, our mission and our values. It is our strongest desire to see every one of our guests embrace a lifetime of freedom in sobriety. Because of this desire, Casa Colina Treatment will often recommend extended care facilities for you or your loved one, when appropriate, after the ninety days of treatment is completed at Casa Colina. Our experienced clinical team will work closely with you and/or your loved one to find the best clinical fit for each of our guests.

“Transparent Treatment” also includes working/partnering with other facilities and professionals all over the country who embrace our values of honesty, integrity, and accountability. Lawsuits, unethical marketing, unethical practices are unfortunately part of this industry, and Casa Colina Treatment is passionate about being a part of the solution.

At Casa Colina Treatment, “Transparent Treatment” also applies to guest financing. We have our own in-house Utilization Review (UR) to work closely with your insurance company to help supplement the cost of long term treatment. The admissions team will complete your insurance verification prior to admission and be clear and as concise as to what your financial expectations are before you ever set foot in our front door. There are no “hidden costs” after admission. Casa Colina Treatment is committed to being “transparent” and ethical when it comes to all billing practices.

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