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Our Team

Casa Colina, led by a multi-disciplinary treatment team of substance abuse and health professionals, embraces a holistic approach to addiction treatment. Our passionate team of addiction treatment professionals have over 100 years of combined experience in the fields of addiction and behavioral health. We strive to maintain an exceptional and creative work home—one that allows our team to effectively and powerfully carry the message of recovery and to deliver education and guidance while fostering a healing environment for our guests at Casa Colina. Many of our team members are also active participants in their own recovery from the disease of alcohol and drug addiction.

Chico West

Chico West - CEO/Owner

Chico has a passion for connecting with and teaching others about an abundant life in recovery. As an experienced Licensed Professional Counselor and Supervisor as well as Certified Experiential Therapist... Read More

Matt Lebeau

Matt Lebeau- Clinical Director

Passionately committed to helping others who are struggling with alcoholism and addiction. Matt completed his undergraduate degree in history at the University of Wisconsin-Madison followed by his graduate... Read More

Dr. Gwen Shipe

Dr. Gwen Shipe- Psychiatrist

Originally from Fort Worth, Dr. Shipe serves as Medical Director at Casa Colina. She has been in private practice in the Dallas area for over seventeen years. She attended and received an undergraduate degree from ...Read More

Brooke Knox

Brooke Knox- Equine Therapist

Born and raised in Texas, Brooke Knox received her Master’s degree in Counseling from the University of North Texas. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a board approved supervisor. Brooke began her counseling career... Read More

Kay Fontenot

Kay Fontenot- Admissions

A dedicated and energetic Licensed Clinical Social Worker who lives in a small town just outside of Dallas, Texas. Hailing from Louisiana, she had an avid interest in helping others at an early age. Growing up... Read More

Shannon West

Shannon West- Human Relations

For Shannon West, working at Casa Colina is not just a profession but it is also a ministry. Being married to a counselor in the field of addiction for over twenty years has given her a unique perspective in working with young...  Read More

KC Davis

KC Davis- Family Program

Having been given the gift of recovery at the age of 16, KC has made it her life's mission to build programs that provide superior treatment to individuals and families suffering from addiction. KC is licensed as...  Read More

Ben Hammond

Ben Hammond- Provider Relations

Born and raised in San Antonio, Ben Hammond loves meeting new people and teaching them about recovery and how to thrive both in and out of treatment. Ben is compassionate, sincere, and understanding…and he has...  Read More

Ashley Guin

Ashley Guin- Nurse

As our staff nurse, Ashley is motivated and inspired to care for the men who chose to make Casa Colina their temporary home and refuge. Ashley has extensive experience in the field of addiction and in corrections...  Read More

Ivy Steneck

Ivy Steneck- Counselor

A Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor, Ivy first became interested in the field of addiction during her stay in residential treatment.  With a strong desire to help others and a natural curiosity, she completed... Read More

Wes Lane

Wes Lane- RA

With a passionate zeal for recovery, Wes Lane first came into contact with Casa Colina while mentoring and carrying the message on campus. His belief is that God saved him from the hopelessness, the pain, and the misery of alcoholism... Read More

Olivia Henderlite

Olivia Henderlite- RA

Olivia brings compassion, experience, wisdom and patience to our team. With an Associate Degree from Front Range Community College in Boulder, she has an avid interest in contemplative psychology and longs to... Read More

Sean Conway

Sean Conway- RA

A native Texan and an avid outdoorsman, Sean is passionate about leading by example. His own personal experiences and his commitment to integrity and accountability allow him to share knowledge and hope to others who... Read More

Emily Riso

Emily Riso- RA

Caring and helpful, Emily has a strong desire to inspire others. Finding freedom and joy in recovery for over two years, Emily enjoys both carrying the message and her role as Recovery Advocate at Casa Colina. One of the most... Read More

Krista Price

Krista Price- RA

As a Recovery Advocate, Krista Price has a passion for giving back to people what was so freely given to her. The most defining moment of her life was when she entered treatment and found the freedom that a life in sobriety...  Read More

George Thompson

George Thompson- RA

George's own personal experiences with sobriety have inspired him to work with other men who are struggling to overcome alcoholism and addiction. His professional experience as a house manager in Dallas led him to join the...  Read More

Chad Jones

Chad Jones- RA

Recovery Advocate, Chad Jones, first came into contact with the staff and men of Casa Colina through carrying the message on campus with his home group in early 2017.  Chad then joined our team to continue to mentor others and to pass on... Read More

Scott Page

Scott Page- RA

Scott’s love of helping others and his desire to share his new life of freedom in sobriety are just a few of the reasons why he decided to join Casa Colina as a Recovery Advocate.  Both Scott’s passion for recovery and his ability...  Read More

Stanley Wilson

Stanley Wilson- RA

After working for over twenty two years in the field of operations, Stanley decided to join Casa Colina to carry the message and to help mentor other men who are struggling with alcoholism and addiction. His near death experience...  Read More

Kelly Rozier

Kelly Rozier- Dietician

A Waxahachie local, Kelly Rozier is passionate about helping others develop a healthy relationship with food. She completed her Bachelors Degree in Dietetics and Business Administration in 2002 from TWU. As a creative problem solver...  Read More

Pila Lopez

Pila Lopez- Executive Chef

Pila, our executive chef at Casa Colina, completed culinary school at Le Cordon Bleu in Dallas, Texas. Her work experience began in the restaurant and hotel industry which later led her to Australia. She describes her time there ... Read More

Berenice Hernandez

Berenice Hernandez- Chef Asst.

Berenice strongly believes that life is about taking changes, learning new things and putting those opportunities into practice. With a background in event planning, Berenice brings her organizational skills, her creative ...  Read More

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