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Residential Addiction Treatment in Dallas, TX

Drug and alcohol addiction can lead to both physical and psychological dependency requiring the assistance of a residential addiction treatment program. Our Residential Treatment Center in Texas offers numerous advantages to individuals seeking recovery from addiction and substance abuse disorders including the following:

Around-the-clock supervision: Residential addiction treatment provides clients with around the clock supervision by licensed medical professionals to ensure comfort and safety during the early stages of addiction treatment.


A Safe, healing environment: Most recovering alcoholics and addicts have suffered deep-rooted physical, mental, and emotional consequences as a result of substance abuse. Residential addiction treatment provides a safe atmosphere that removes chaos and the potential triggers associated with addiction while also allowing clients to have a chance to focus solely on their recovery.


Support: Another advantage of residential addiction treatment is the supportive community lead by qualified professionals who are compassionate and dedicated to supporting continuous sobriety.

What is a Residential Addiction Treatment Program?

A residential addiction treatment program is the highest level of care for substance abuse disorders. Residential addiction treatment programs in Dallas, TX often vary in length. Short-term residential addiction treatment programs generally last for up to 28 days while a long-term residential treatment program can last up to several months or a year. Casa Colina’s residential treatment program is 90 days at a minimum. Long-term programs can offer additional support such as transitional housing and other important aftercare services. Utilizing both evidence-based and holistic therapies to help you learn how to manage and navigate recovery, residential addiction treatment provides a safe, healthy environment. 

Comprehensive Residential Treatment Programs

Residential treatment facilities often offer a full continuum of recovery services from detox all the way to aftercare. The goal of residential treatment is to offer comprehensive addiction treatment services and support as an individual is recovering from substance abuse. Treatment services offered in residential addiction treatment programs often vary, but here are a few of the most common:

  • Individual and group therapy – One of the most important components of addiction treatment is therapy. Evidence-based modalities such as cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectical behavior therapy help recovering addicts learn healthy coping skills, regulate their emotions, manage anger, and address the root causes of their addiction. Group therapy sessions offer clients the opportunity to gain support and practice these coping skills within the community of their peers.

  • Medication assistance – Integrated treatment therapies such as prescription mental health medications and medications such as Vivitrol can benefit individuals attempting to overcome their addiction.

  • Experiential therapies – Once an individual stops using drugs and alcohol, they usually find themselves struggling to find pleasure in sober activities. Experiential therapies offer clients the opportunity to rediscover the happiness of self-expression, creativity, arts, healthy hobbies, and movement. Activities such as exercise, recreational therapy, music, art, dance, yoga, meditation, and massage provide positive ways to manage stress, promote sober fun, and achieve long-term sobriety.

Is Residential Treatment in Dallas, TX Right for You?

Residential treatment not only provides a safe and structured environment during addiction recovery, but it also can open the door to living a fulfilling life. During residential treatment in Texas, clients are in close contact with their treatment team to accomplish and follow the milestones outlined in their individual treatment plan. At Casa Colina, our experienced staff will monitor treatment programs and guide activities of the team while also supporting each client on their journey to recovery from substance abuse. 

Addiction is a chronic disease with fatal consequences. Drug overdoses are the leading cause of accidental death among Americans younger than 50. The prevalence of substance abuse across the United States has led to an influx of available addiction treatment options. Residential addiction treatment programs are proven to provide a strong foundation for individuals recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. 

Effective addiction treatment begins with a comprehensive assessment and evaluation before embarking on a course of treatment. Casa Colina is dedicated to treating each client on an individual basis in order to cater to his unique needs. Our team will guide you or your loved one with compassion and support as you begin your road to recovery.

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