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The Importance of the 12 Steps of Recovery at a Treatment Center

The Importance of the 12 Steps of Recovery at a Treatment Center

The Importance of the 12 Steps of Recovery at a Treatment Center Did you know that spirituality is an effective way to treat addiction? Addiction may be a physiological problem, but psychology is its battleground. When you struggle with addiction, you’re fighting a battle inside your head. But that battle is impossible to win alone. […]

Importance Of Gender Specific Drug And Alcohol Treatment Center For Men

Importance Of Gender Specific Drug And Alcohol Treatment Center For Men Substance abuse disorders can affect all types of humans, be they male or female. However, men are significantly more likely to develop a substance abuse problem than women are. They are also more likely to develop the issue at a younger age. Are you or a […]

Male Trauma

Male Trauma Can Manifest Itself in Many Ways

Male Trauma Can Manifest Itself in Many Ways Traumatic events stemming from childhood or those that occur well into adulthood can create some significant and lasting damage.  If not addressed in a healthy way that can begin the healing process, this trauma can lead to detrimental coping mechanisms.  Some men suffering from traumatic events may […]

John Campbell, Owner and CEO

A Message of Gratitude for Five Beautiful Years

A Message of Gratitude for Five Beautiful Years Today, I am proud to announce as the Owner and CEO of Casa Colina, that we have crossed a milestone. On the 13th of February, Casa Colina celebrated 5 years of serving gentlemen and their families. The story of Casa Colina began when the 220 acre campus […]

A brain representing brainspotting for trauma and addiction.

The Benefits of Brainspotting for Trauma and Addiction

Individuals who experience various types of trauma can attempt to cope with their traumatic event by turning to drugs and alcohol, especially men. Most men have difficulty sharing their experiences and do not want to appear weak or frail in front of their peers. As a result, the effects of their unresolved trauma often lead […]

holistic addiction treatment

What Is Holistic Addiction Treatment?

Holistic addiction treatment methods and processes are used to treat a person’s entire being. Holistic healing takes into consideration social factors, mental health, and spiritual health, along with the underlying symptoms and causes of one’s addiction. Holistic programs also focus on restoring balance to the mind, body, and spirit.  How Is Holistic Addiction Treatment Different From Conventional […]

The definition of enabling addiction.

How to Tell When You Are Enabling Addiction

When you see a friend or family member struggling with addiction, your natural reaction is to help them in any way you can. However, your actions may not always be the help they need. Instead of helping them face their problem, you could end up enabling their addiction.  What Is Enabling Addiction? Enabling addiction is […]

Horses are an essential part of how equine therapy works.

Addiction Recovery: How Equine Therapy Works

Part of your addiction recovery treatment could include equine therapy. Equine is another name used to describe horses. So, equine therapy means you will get to spend time around horses during your treatment sessions. Let’s discuss exactly how equine therapy works, and what it involves. What Is Equine Therapy? Horses are highly intuitive animals who […]

The two sides of understanding dual diagnosis and addiction.

Understanding Dual Diagnosis and Addiction

Struggling with an addiction or a mental health disorder can be challenging on its own. However, when someone’s addiction leads to a mental health disorder or their mental health disorder leads to addiction, their condition becomes more complicated, requiring them to gain an understanding of dual diagnosis. What Is Dual Diagnosis? Dual diagnosis is also […]

Group therapy in Dallas for substance abuse

Group Therapy for Substance Abuse

An important part of substance use disorder treatment is group therapy. This therapeutic method allows individuals to share their substance abuse issues while others listen in a non-judgmental, caring, and supportive environment. Group therapy in Dallas facilitates long-lasting recovery and sustainable sobriety. What Is Group Therapy? Group therapy is an interactive talk therapy session with a […]