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Collaborative Work, Ethical Practices.

We believe in the power of collaboration. When you refer a client to us, you become part of the Casa Colina team.

At Casa Colina, we believe that collaboration with local and national professionals and treatment providers is the key to achieving good client outcomes. Last year alone, we referred 65 individuals to local professionals for continued care. Our hope every year is to continue to expand our network of referring professionals to continue to meet the needs of our clients and help you meet the needs of those in your care

When referring our clients to outside professionals and treatment providers for continuing care, we look for like-minded individuals and organizations that provide ethical and excellent services to the men we have labored so passionately to help. Likewise, we understand that placing your clients in our hands is a decision that must be based on trust and demonstrated positive outcomes. That is why Casa Colina has developed a code of ethics that guides our business and referral decisions.

Our Ethical Commitment:

  • Casa Colina does not engage in marketing practices that are unethical, misleading, or predatory. We do not employ third-party call centers, purchase leads from “lead-gen” companies, nor do we run misleading ads online or in print.
  • Casa Colina makes all referral decisions based on best clinical fit for the client. We never accept nor offer remuneration of any kind for referrals.
  • Casa Colina provides Transparent Treatment. This means our straightforward pricing structure is explained to clients and families before admission. Our families do not receive surprise bills for exorbitant charges.
  • Casa Colina works ethically and transparently with third-party payers. This means all charges to insurance carriers are within usual and customary ranges and include only the services which are medically and clinically indicated for that individual.
  • Casa Colina does not bill insurance for routine drug testing.
  • Casa Colina accepts only residential benefits from insurance companies. This ensures that clients can utilize outpatient benefits for true outpatient services after discharge.
  • We want our collaborative partners to be confident that Casa Colina always places the interest of clients first. If you have a client that could benefit from 90-day residential addiction treatment, we encourage you to each out and schedule a phone call or a tour at (214) 934-4873.

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