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Addiction takes its toll on the whole family. It ruins not only the lives of those we love but also becomes an insidious thread that can tear apart even the most loving of families. Family members that are otherwise competent and confident individuals find themselves defeated, confused, and at the end of their rope when facing the addiction of a loved one.

At Casa Colina Treatment, we believe the family deserve just as much support as the men in treatment. That’s why we’ve created an all-inclusive program. This includes weekly updates, monthly visitation, and an intensive family addiction therapy program. We truly believe the whole family can find healing and direction.

We understand that the family is a vital part of the treatment team. You knew your loved one long before us. You will be there to support them long after they complete treatment. Weekly updates and coaching ensure that you always know what is happening with your loved one’s treatment. Our hope is that we can empower the families with the best guidance on how to support their loved one in a healthy and loving way.

Family visitation is often the bright spot of our client’s month. Visitation gives our men a chance not only to receive encouragement and support from their family, but also provides a time to try out new communication skills, practice new coping mechanisms, and put new relational skills to the test.

The hallmark of our family services is the Family Addiction Therapy Programming and Intensive Workshop. This three-day workshop is a time where you and your loved one will experience an intense and interactive environment that addresses family dynamics, and the effects of your loved one’s addiction. The intimate environment facilitates therapeutic breakthroughs and profound healing for all members of the family. Led by our seasoned masters-level therapists, your family will embark upon a journey of discovery that just may provide the missing piece for your loved one’s recovery.

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