The Program

Gender Specific Men’s Treatment

Casa Colina is a true men’s 90 day inpatient facility. Clients that come into Casa Colina will be expected to fulfill their commitment to complete the 90 day inpatient treatment phase, as well as, be willing to follow up with discharge recommendations from our clinical team that may likely include extended care. Drugs and/or alcohol have diminished faith, trust, and commitment so it will be imperative that the first step in the process is to have some willingness. “Becoming a man that keeps his word” will be a key component of his recovery.

Once a guest joins us at Casa Colina, he will be assigned a fellow male peer to orient and to help integrate him into the Casa Colina community. Most addicts and alcoholics have lost all connection, even a connection to himself, so being integrated into a men’s community will be a cornerstone in the Casa Colina solution. While at Casa Colina, guests will be asked to “live in the solution” according to the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. Clients will be challenged with personal accountability and asked to hold others accountable. This process does not happen overnight so rest assured that our team will “be there” every step of the way to guide and support their solution journey. Guests will also be asked to find connection with the other men in the community and to a power greater than themselves that they choose to utilize.

During their stay, guests will be given different avenues to strengthen their connection, both physically and spiritually. Through physical activities, healthy supplements, and spiritual tools, guests will regain hope and begin healing. Hope is regained by ignoring old habits and beliefs and relearning new, healthy habits. It is becoming less concerned about themselves and more focused on others and a power greater than themselves. As they begin to heal away from their crutch, drugs and/or alcohol, they will be able to become vulnerable and receptive to the men in our community while being clinically supported by our Masters level clinicians.

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