Our Brand Statement in Addiction Treatment

Addiction is a global health crisis and, unfortunately, it rapidly takes the lives of good people every day. While the addict absolutely suffers in addiction, the family and loved ones do not come out unscathed. Try to take a moment to recall how many news articles you have seen, family members, or friends that have dealt with addiction. While thinking of it, there may be more instances to count.

Myself and many of my team are living proof there is a solution. There is life and freedom after addiction! Not just for the addict, but also for the family! For years, the addiction treatment industry created programs built on teaching addicts and family only to survive. These efforts, though well intended, are often a recipe for relapse and heartbreak. These programs fail to address the deeper issue with addiction. Having twenty-five years of experience as an addiction therapist, twenty-nine years sober, a husband, and a father to two wonderful young men, I decided it was time to do something different. I was tired of seeing men die because programs failed to address the core wound. At Casa Colina, we don’t teach people to survive, we teach them to thrive. It’s all about curating, creating, and modeling healthy community through transparency, love, and grace.

Connection is when people feel seen, heard, and valued. Biologically, all humans need connection to survive. We believe disconnection fuels addiction. Our job is to be the best clinically integrated and faith based community builders possible. Always caring for the men and the families we serve. We specialize in rebuilding the worth, self-efficacy, and faith of men and their families who struggle with addiction. Some call that recovery–we call it life. We don’t just want to get people sober, we want their lives to soar. We wholeheartedly believe that is possible in recovery and community.  This is not a job however, it is extremely personal to us and we have built a team and culture that lives a message of hope and healing.

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