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Meditation is Easy for the Mind and Easy to Start

Meditation is a great way for people to reflect, refine and gain back control of their body. Doing meditation also helps clear the mind and soul of things that may be leveraging on their shoulders. It also helps get...

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First 90 Day Graphic

What you should really do in your first 90 days out of treatment

You’ve probably seen the blogs and lists from “experts” telling you what you should do in your first 90 days of sobriety (or first 90 days out of treatment). Usually the advice goes something like this “take it...

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Treatment Industry News

Where the battle for an ethical industry must be won

Recently, Google announced that it would no longer sell a multitude of ad words common to the drug and alcohol treatment industry. Ads linked to searches such as “rehab near me” or “alcohol treatment” were pulled...

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Equine Therapy

The Equine Experience

A young man in treatment stands next to his horse and tells the group that nothing is bothering him today—everything is fine. At this statement, the horse leans away, resisting the young man’s touch. Another man...

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Opioid Epidemic

Will Trump Address the Opioid Crisis?

On March 29 of this year, President Trump issued an executive order establishing the President’s Commission on Combating Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis. On the same day, in a public conversation with the president...

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