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Meditation is Easy for the Mind and Easy to Start

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Meditation is a great way for people to reflect, refine and gain back control of their body. Doing meditation also helps clear the mind and soul of things that may be leveraging on their shoulders. It also helps get in touch with your higher power. Sometimes when people think of the word “meditation” they may think it’s a waste of time. With Meditation, you don’t need to use a lot of time. Meditation is also a great way to help you with your recovery journey.

  1. Get Motivated: Like almost anything we do, we need to be motivated in some way to do the things we do. What got a friend started was that he wanted to gain back his freedom from anxiety. Meditation may not be able to fully take away anxiety or other systems, but like we said earlier, it helps with clearing your mind. If you want to obtain clearity from what may feel like demons running amok inside your head, like we all can someitmes feel, then that can be a motivation for meditation.
    Tip: Take a few minutes a day remember why you started meditating. What motivates you? Write down a list of what you want to accomplish from doing this activity. Are you heading towards those goals?
  2. You are Capable: Some people might think that they can’t do meditation for whatever reason. The fact is, anyone can do anything they put their mind too. That includes meditating. Meditation is not that hard, you just have to start and then it goes from their.
    Tip: Before you start meditating, think about what you look will look like. Be positive in what you look like. Think about how you will feel afterwards. You are what you think you are.
  3. Make Time: We understand that this can be the hardest part of starting anything new. If you have time to contemplate it, then you have time to do it. If we want it, we will create a time slot in our schedule for it. So if you want it, then do it.
    Tip: Pick a start date and time that will work with you consistently. After you have established that, keep doing it at the same time, same days.
  4. Make it Special: Yeah, that can sound weird, but special things are important. Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, those holidays are special to people. Going home and eat can be special for someone else. The same goes with meditation. When you make your routinely meditation time more of a special occasion, then it starts to feel important.
    Tip: Make your mediation time special by creating a scenary. Just like when you decorate for the holidays, same goes with meditating. Light your favorite candles, have a couple of favorite outfits to wear, grab a special pillow.
  5. Explore: Explore your different options for mediation. There are plenty of different practices and different way of mediation. Change up your routine, make it new and fun every week. Find communities of people that do meditation, chat on forums, see how others are doing and what motivates them.
    Tip: Here are some different types of meditation you might want to consider doing to help you get started!

Now you see, meditation is easy to start. You just have to have the inital drive to do it. We understand that it will take some time to get use to, but it’s a great way to help you on your journey to recovery.

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