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Male Trauma Can Manifest Itself in Many Ways

Male Trauma

Male Trauma Can Manifest Itself in Many Ways

Traumatic events stemming from childhood or those that occur well into adulthood can create some significant and lasting damage.  If not addressed in a healthy way that can begin the healing process, this trauma can lead to detrimental coping mechanisms.  Some men suffering from traumatic events may turn to drugs or alcohol to get by each day without fully processing the trauma that they have endured.  This is not only unhealthy, but also a dangerous way to cope. 

Drug and alcohol abuse resulting from male trauma are not uncommon.  This can be triggered by anything from an absentee or abusive parent to a life-changing event or death in the family.  The wounds that are left after this trauma are often deep and lasting.  These can manifest themselves as an adult through intense feelings of being inadequate, abandonment fears and attachment disorders.  The repercussions of male trauma, whether in childhood or as an adult, can affect every aspect of your life in a way that you may not even realize.

From father wounds stemming from a difficult childhood to years of abuse and neglect, whatever your life’s trauma there is still time to process this and begin the healing process.  At Casa Colina we focus on helping recovering addicts to address these life traumas through powerful therapy and holistic approaches.  This gives patients the best chance of a life free of substance abuse.

Childhood Trauma Can Be Overcome by Addressing the Issues Head On

Abuse and trauma endured during the formative years can have a big impact on your behavior as an adult.  Children that struggle with parental abuse and neglect can often grow to be adults that are plagued with feeling of inadequacy and fears of abandonment.  When left unaddressed, these and other attachment disorders can lead to self-coping mechanisms.  It isn’t uncommon for men dealing with unresolved childhood trauma to turn to drugs and alcohol to manage these buried feelings. 

When left unaddressed, these types of traumatic events can follow you throughout your life continuing to interfere with your relationships, work life and other aspects of every day.  When triggered and reopened, these emotional wounds from the past can feel overwhelming.  It isn’t unusual for this pain to be self-medicated through drugs or alcohol when the feelings become too much.  This can get in the way of the life that you want to live, including irreparably destroying relationships with loved ones.

Treating male trauma through substance abuse is only a way to mask this trauma, rather than dealing with the issues head on.  Putting in the work to address the traumatic events from childhood and understand how these affect your life as an adult, can make a world of difference.  By dealing with these childhood traumas, men can find alternative ways to cope that are healthier and more beneficial than drug and alcohol abuse.

Adult Trauma Can Be Equally Debilitating

Traumatic events in your adulthood can also be damaging.  Abuse from a loved one, death, an accident or some other event can cause just as much lasting damage for an adult.  This trauma needs to be addressed so that you can begin healing in a healthy way that will allow you to continue on the right path for your life and your future.  Trauma in an adult can feel like something you have to deal with by yourself, but that isn’t the case.  The team at Casa Colina can help you to find the right coping mechanisms to manage these feelings and address the trauma that you have endured.

The Team at Casa Colina Can Help Begin the Healing Process from Trauma

You are not alone in your trauma.  The team at Casa Colina works with recovering addicts to address the underlying issues behind their drug or alcohol abuse.  This may stem back into the earliest years of childhood or may be a more recent traumatic event.  Some addicts do not even realize that they are struggling with trauma, and it is only brought to light through powerful therapy and healing tools.  By peeling back this outer layer, recovering addicts can see what caused them to turn to these abusive substances.  Addressing traumatic events in their lives can offer the best chance of long-term sobriety.

At Casa Colina we focus on delving deeper into the healing process.  This will bring up past traumas and these long-suppressed feelings so that they can finally be addressed.  By doing so, the healing process can finally begin.  Through intense therapy, combined with holistic healing, Casa Colina can help you to finally address traumas and find alternative ways to deal with the emotions when they become overwhelming.  Whether dealing with a survivor of abuse or some other traumatic experience, the team at Casa Colina can help begin the healing process to recovery and begin living your best life.

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