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Importance Of Gender Specific Drug And Alcohol Treatment Center For Men

Importance Of Gender Specific Drug And Alcohol Treatment Center For Men

Substance abuse disorders can affect all types of humans, be they male or female. However, men are significantly more likely to develop a substance abuse problem than women are. They are also more likely to develop the issue at a younger age.

Are you or a male loved one struggling with substance abuse? You should seek out help from a gender-specific treatment center.

Gender-specific treatment has been proven to be highly effective in most cases. This guide will outline why such centers are beneficial and how they can help you, or a male loved one, on the road to recovery.

Men Abuse Different Substances for Different Reasons

Research has shown that men are often introduced to substances by male members of peer groups. This may explain why men start abusing drugs at an early age. The more substances he’s introduced to, the more difficult it will be for a young man to stop.

Men also mistakenly believe that these substances may help them focus, increase their social status, and improve their sex life. They can become addicts for the same reasons women due, such as mental illness or trauma.

However, men are at increased odds of developing substance abuse disorders due to this factor. This may be related to the fact that men aren’t as easily affected by these substances as these women are due to biology, and they need higher doses to get the effects they want.

It’s also worth noting that men usually abuse different substances than women. Specifically, men are more likely to abuse alcohol or cannabis, while women are more likely to abuse over-the-counter medications.

Why Join a Gender-Specific Treatment Center

Gender-specific rehab is beneficial in helping the various unique needs men have in recovering from substance abuse. Men who need help with any disorder help often avoid it for fear of being perceived as weak. However, they may feel more comfortable among other men, as they will see they aren’t the only member of their sex struggling with substance abuse.

Men will also be in an environment where they can get different therapy specific to their needs. For example, men respond better to therapy that addresses behavioral patterns over emotional introspection techniques. This pattern is the best way to reach a man until he is more comfortable expressing his emotions.

A treatment center for men will alleviate any distraction or sexual tension related to the opposite sex. Also, men are often uncomfortable showing their emotions in front of women. This issue isn’t a problem in gender-specific centers.

Receive Gender-Specific Treatment in Dallas

A gender-specific treatment center is the best place to deal with men’s unique mental and medical treatment needs. And men will find outstanding treatment at Casa Colina in Texas. 

Here, men will receive a dual diagnosis to uncover their substance abuse disorder’s underlying mental health-related roots. They will then receive treatment and care specific to their needs. This will occur in a safe and supportive environment committed to giving the patient the help he needs.

If you or a male loved one is ready to start on the road to recovery, call or email us today.

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