How Equine Therapy Works

As Americans fascination with holistic medicine grows, it gains traction across other areas, including addiction recovery. Several individuals are beating their addiction with animal therapy, especially equine therapy. Horses are natural mood-rings, as they pick up on a rider’s mood and feelings and relay it back. Think of horses like a mirror — when a rider is spooked, so is the horse. Being pack animals, horses are extremely sensitive to those around them. They know when a rider is scared, angry, nervous, and even sad. This reflection allows individuals to learn how to control their behaviors, moods, and actions.

While many places offer the usual type of amenities, Casa Colina offers equine therapy to its clients. This does not mean you will be forced to jump on a horse and ride off, rather you will begin by brushing, feeding and simply caring for the horses. You will spend time around them, learning to bounce your feelings off them and read the horses reactions to you. Because horses are large animals with few defensive techniques, they depend on reading a situation and fleeing if they feel threatened. If an animal approaches in a timid, seemingly non-threatening manner but the horse senses something off, they will flee. This makes horses terrific for people in recovery, as it encourages them to make their emotions and communications crystal clear.

How Does Equine Therapy Work?

Some benefits of equine therapy include the improvement of one’s personal responsibility, as taking care of a horse is a time-consuming business. The stalls have to be mucked, they must be fed, brushed, walked, etc. and these small tasks and seeing the horse learn to respect and appreciate you helps rebuild your self-confidence, promote relaxation, lower blood pressure and help return you to better health. It also teaches very subtle nonverbal cues, which can help a person reintegrate socially by retraining them to read nonverbal cues and act appropriately. 

The benefits of equine therapy are well-known and why it is used to treat a wide range of conditions and patients. Recent parolees, people with anorexia, behavioral issues, relationship problems and people in recovery for all types of addiction can benefit from it. There are numerous scientific studies supporting equine therapy for treatment of any number of conditions, but the outcome is the same, a more relaxed individual with a big boost in self-confidence and self-worth who learns what a positive relationship looks like and can recognize and terminate their toxic relationships, giving them a better chance at a brighter future. 

Equine Therapy in Texas

Equine therapy works best over a longer period of time and Casa Colina is set up as a longer-term sober home loaded with modern amenities on a giant ranch outside of Dallas where horses and healthy living play a major role in your recovery. We not only address and treat your primary issues, but we also teach you how to control emotions, reintegrate into regular society and work closely with the legal system and families to ensure the best outcome for all of its residents. Click here to learn more about how we can help you.

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