Located below are answers to questions we are frequently asked about our admissions process, our programs, and other services.

We specialize in men who have addictions to alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, opiates, benzodiazepines and other drugs. We are also equipped to help clients who have a co-occurring mental health diagnosis such as depression, anxiety, and/or bipolar disorder.
Casa Colina is specifically designed as ninety day inpatient program.
You may reach out to our admissions team by phone or email. Potential guests will have a pre-admission phone assessment with an admissions counselor to address any questions or concerns and also to determine if we are the best clinical fit for you or your loved one.
While at Casa Colina Treatment, guests are not allowed to bring personal cell phones or laptops on property. Guests will be allowed to contact family and access computers with clinical approval.
Families are encouraged to visit guests during our intensive Family Program. Family programming usually occurs midway through a guest’s stay at Casa Colina and will be scheduled by the clinical team. This will allow your family to begin their own healing process and work towards family restoration.
The Family Program at Casa Colina is designed as an intensive four day workshop to provide healing, support, education and restoration to the family. Our counselors will work with family members on scheduling, travel arrangements, and what to expect while visiting with us.
Smoking is allowed at designated areas on our property. Smoking is allowed only when group is not in session. It is important to note that Casa Colina Treatment will not provide or sell cigarettes or tobacco products to clients. Cigarettes MUST be sent to facility in the guest’s name or brought at time of admission. Smoking cessation counseling is provided if a guest wishes to discuss this during their stay with us.
Our team at Casa Colina is pleased to announce that we are currently accepting private insurance and private pay clients. Our affordable treatment is made even more affordable as an in network facility with the following insurance companies. If you or your loved one has out of network insurance, our admissions team will work closely with you and your insurance company to coordinate out of network benefits.

Here is a list of our accepted insurance providers:

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Galaxy Health Network
  • AmBetter (Superior Health Plan)
  • Three Rivers Provider Network
  • First Health Network
  • Imagine Health
Our guest rooms at Casa Colina are designed to encourage interaction and connection with the men in our community; Thus, we do not provide private rooms.