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Drug Rehab in Austin

In Search for a Drug Rehab in Austin?

Casa Colina Addiction Treatment Center  – We’ll Take You on the Journey to Recovery

Casa Colina is a Drug  rehab in Austin. Are you in search of an Austin addiction treatment center? The road to recovery for a drug or alcohol addiction is seldom a straight line.  Just like life, there are many different paths that you can take in this road to recovery.  Some may get you there faster, but what is most important is that you find a drug rehab in Austinf that will provide you with the tools to stay drug and alcohol-free even after leaving the program.  This is often not the most direct route.  Taking the time and putting in the work now can have a positive impact on the rest of your life.  

A Comfort Care Drug Rehab Just a few hours Away From Austin, TX

It is likely that you have already tried many addictions treatment centers. And none have quite panned out for the long run.  A long-term residential treatment program focuses on more than just your sobriety at this moment.  Through individual and group therapy, a safe clean-living environment and many other techniques, residents at Casa Colina Treatment Center are able to develop the tools they need going forward when they reenter their lives.  This well-rounded dedication to your physical, mental and emotional well-being can make a big difference in your long-term sobriety. 

Give Yourself the Time to Let New Behaviors Set at our Addiction Treatment Center

Our long-term rehabilitation programs allow the resident the time necessary to establish new patterns and behaviors that encourage a healthy lifestyle.  The more time that you can add to your sobriety under a safe and clean environment, the better chance you have of success when reentering your life.  Living a clean, drug and alcohol free, life for ninety days in treatment allows the habitual behavior of an addict to diminish replaced with new behaviors and coping mechanisms.  A new routine will be established in this time and your mind and body will be cleared and healthier without the effect of outside substances.  Exiting the program with ninety days of sobriety gives you a good start on a new life. Our drug rehab in Austin will be a great start to your recovery.

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Establish the Tools Needed When Returning to Everyday Life in Our Addiction Treatment Center 

Some Austin drug and alcohol treatment centers focus on the immediate sobriety of the patient, without understanding the reasons for that behavior.  With a long-term residential program, we can go above and beyond your immediate needs.  This means building a toolkit that can be accessed whenever your sobriety is challenged. 

These tools can be different for every individual.  The Team at Casa Colina Treatment Center works with each resident to find the best coping mechanisms that will ensure they stay away from drugs and alcohol. Our addiction treatment in Austin will give you the tools need to lead a life of sobriety.  Taking the time to build these tools makes a big difference when our residents leave the center, newly sober.  Already with ninety days of sobriety, residents can return to their lives with a new set of techniques for coping with life’s stresses. As a result, giving them a better chance to battle their addiction. All of these services can be found in our Drug rehab in Austin. 

The Time You Need to Build a Successful Road to Recovery at our Austin Drug Rehab Treatment Center

Residential treatment is the most effective treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction.  This type of program removes the addict from their lifestyle and outside influences that may encourage and lead to a relapse during treatment.  Our Austin, residential programs provide a safe clean environment to put in the work necessary for long-term sobriety, through intensive therapy sessions that delve to the deeper root of the addiction. 

Time is Needed for Recovery

A program that allows the addict to take their time through the healing process is proven to be the most successful for long-term success.  Putting in the work in a fashion that allows you that time to address any feelings, wounds and deeper issues can offer you the best start when you reenter your life.  This additional time in our safe environment, near Austin, can also make certain that you have the tools needed to deal with life’s stresses without turning to drugs and alcohol as in the past.  Our  ninety-day residential rehabilitation treatment program near Austin can give a recovering addict the time to fully heal, with a better understanding of themselves and the additional work that needs to be done after treatment to continue to live a sober life. 

Drug Rehab in Austin

A Proven Recovery Program, with a Process That Works 

At Casa Colina Treatment Center we have an established and proven ninety-day residential treatment program for addicts.  The first thirty days are spent helping to clean your mind and body of the effects of drugs and alcohol. We also help with the withdrawal that may affect you.  That time is also dedicated to establishing a routine at the drug rehab facility, while building a very important bond and level of trust with a licensed on-site therapist that is dedicated to helping you on your journey to sobriety.

The Next Thirty Days at Our Drug Rehab in Austin

The next thirty days are spent diving deeper into your psyche and the root causes of your substance abuse.  This work is done with your therapist. It’ll open past wounds, allowing them to finally fully heal in a healthy way. Which will give you the time you need to grieve and work on your own peace of mind.  Whether your addiction stems from past trauma, childhood experiences or some other condition, your dedicated therapist will be able to work with you to put these feelings to rest, giving you a clean slate when you leave the treatment facility.

After Six Days at our Texas Treatment Center

After sixty days at our drug rehab in Austin there is still work to do. This work is done before the resident is ready to reenter society and lead a sober lifestyle.  At this time, the resident will participate in a three-day addiction intensive therapy program where their loved ones are welcomed to the center.  This allows for any healing that needs to be done in a safe environment, while addressing enablement issues.  The loved ones will get the tools and therapy themselves to support the resident after they are released from our Austin drug and alcohol treatment program. 

Austin Drug Rehab

The Final Thirty Days at our Drug Rehab in Austin

The remainder of this final thirty days is spent building upon the blocks of a sober life. While further solidifying the necessary tools to be able to maintain their sobriety in the outside world.  This additional time spent in our Austin residential treatment program for drugs or alcohol has been proven to be the most effective way to maintain long-term sobriety after treatment. As a result, helping you with your addiction. 

At Casa Colina Treatment, We Are Dedicated to Your Recovery at our Texas Men’s Only Treatment Center

The last month is critical to the resident’s success after the program. Allowing for the opportunity to address any lingering issues.  This final month also further establishes a pattern of living a drug and alcohol-free life. This will be an important mindset when leaving our Austin drug rehab treatment center.  Upon release, residents of Casa Colina Treatment Center are encouraged to continue their therapy and sober living support through an outpatient program.  This ensures that our residents know that they have a positive support program even after the ninety days.

The Importance of the 12 Steps of Recovery at Casa Colina Treatment

Did you know that spirituality is an effective way to treat addiction? Addiction may be a physiological problem, but psychology is its battleground. When you struggle with addiction, you’re fighting a battle inside your head. But that battle is impossible to win alone. You need friends and professionals to help you implement the 12 steps of recovery. That might mean getting help from a specialist or recovery center.

Are you wondering why the 12 steps of recovery are so necessary for treatment? Keep reading to find out.

What Are the 12 Steps of Recovery?

Founded in 1935, Alcoholics Anonymous originally developed the 12 steps of recovery. These steps originally outlined the path to recovery from alcoholism, but they apply to recovery from any kind of addiction. The first step is honesty. If you are serious about recovery, you must tell the truth about your addiction: both to yourself and those around you.

The next step is faith. Once you are honest about the problem, you need to believe that recovery is possible. Without faith, you may quickly lose hope down the long road of healing. After faith, you must take the next step of surrender. You can’t battle your addiction alone! You must surrender to the people and principles that will help you. The following two steps are soul searching and integrity.

Soul searching means that you must center yourself by committing to self-reflection. Integrity means that you need to be willing to admit your mistakes. The seventh step is humility. If you want to recover, you must allow yourself to be humble before those who want to help you. The following steps are willingness and forgiveness. You need to be willing to acknowledge those you have hurt by your addiction. Then you must be ready to ask for their forgiveness.

The last three steps are maintenance, making contact, and service. At our drug rehab in Austin you must commit to maintaining your new life, contact your friends who will help you, and serve those who still battle addiction. Together, these 12 steps lay out the road to recovery. Rehab isn’t easy, but it’s worth it. Here at our alcohol and drug treatment center, we understand our professional staff and comfort care will help you with the process. 

The 12 Steps at Casa Colina Treatment

Maybe you’re battling alcoholism. Maybe you’re struggling with another form of addiction. Whatever your situation, you need the 12 steps of recovery. Effective treatment isn’t a matter of medicine but the mind. You need to have the right psychological outlook if you’re going to overcome your addiction. The 12 steps change the way you think about addiction. That’s why the 12 steps emphasize honesty and faith. Once you acknowledge your addiction, you’re able to fight it. Once you believe that you can win the battle, you’re ready to begin. At our Austin Addiction Treatment Center, we will help you start your journey to sobriety. 

Believe That You Can Recover – The Importance of the 12 Steps of Recovery at our Drug Rehab in Austin

The most important step has faith that you can change. Your battle may seem unwinnable, but you can conquer your addiction. You need to know where to look.

Are you ready to start your journey at a recovery center? Contact us and tell us about your situation. We’re here to help. Our men’s only treatment center is only a few hours away from Austin, Texas. 

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We are dedicated to your long-term sobriety.  Our extensive ninety-day residential program gives residents the best chance at leading a drug and alcohol-free life. Even after leaving the rehabilitation center.  The program’s ninety days are filled with intensive therapy. During this time we address past trauma and emotional wounds.  Involving family members and loved ones in the program further gives you the best chance of staying sober. At our Austin drug rehab we focus on offering residents the best tools to live a happy, sober life.

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