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Mental Health
The two sides of understanding dual diagnosis and addiction.
Struggling with an addiction or a mental health disorder can be challenging on its own. However, when someone’s addiction leads to a mental health disorder or their mental health disorder leads to addiction, their condition becomes more complicated, requiring them to gain an understanding of dual diagnosis. What Is Dual Diagnosis? Dual diagnosis is also...
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A person struggling to get out of bed because of anxiety and depression in men.
Depression and anxiety are not just disorders that affect women. Men, too, can experience depression and anxiety. However, the way these disorders present themselves is often different because of the differences between the sexes.  Anxiety and depression are often viewed as emotional problems by men. As a result, they are less likely to seek help...
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Pills that would be taken if you're taking your prescription during rehab.
Some people that are struggling with addiction also suffer from physical or mental health issues. They may have been prescribed drugs to treat their condition even though they also have a substance abuse disorder. In some cases, taking their prescription during rehab is an essential part of their physical health or mental health treatment plan. ...
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can you become addicted to antidepressants
Antidepressants have become an essential part of mental health treatments for people struggling with some form of related depressive disorder. However, some risks could from using antidepressants. With concerns about prescription drug abuse on the rise, it is only natural to question, “can you become addicted to antidepressants?” Why Do People Take Antidepressants? Antidepressants are...
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There has been a great deal of focus on mental health in recent years as more people have come to realize its importance in the overall health of the individual. This is especially true for mental illness in men, which has often been underrepresented because of social stigma. The global pandemic that has been going...
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