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Horses are an essential part of how equine therapy works.
Part of your addiction recovery treatment could include equine therapy. Equine is another name used to describe horses. So, equine therapy means you will get to spend time around horses during your treatment sessions. Let’s discuss exactly how equine therapy works, and what it involves. What Is Equine Therapy? Horses are highly intuitive animals who...
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Those receiving addiction treatment for healthcare professionals
We expect healthcare professionals to be there when we need medical care, surgery, or have an emergency. However, they often have a difficult time finding help and support for their own struggles. This is why addiction treatment for healthcare professionals must be specialized to meet their unique needs. Understanding Your Situation as a Healthcare Professional...
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alcoholic son struggling with addiction
Many parents can find it quite challenging for their alcoholic son. Alcoholism is a disease that does not discriminate based on gender, age, financial situation, social status, or even where you live. It is hard enough for parents to admit their young adult son has a drinking problem, let alone an alcohol addiction.  Parents’ love...
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No matter how committed you are to recovering from a drug or alcohol addiction, there is always a chance that you may experience a relapse. Relapsing makes many people feel anxiety, shame, or regret; but it is important to realize that many people end up relapsing at least once after rehab. Most people who relapse...
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what is naltrexone
What is Naltrexone used for? Naltrexone is a prescription medication that can be taken orally or by injection. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved naltrexone for the treatment of drug addiction in 1984. The drug addictions this medication addresses include heroin, oxycodone, and morphine. In 1994, naltrexone received approval to be used in...
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symptoms of alcohol withdrawal
One of the bravest decisions a person can make involves choosing to address their addiction to alcohol. Many people who struggle with a substance use disorder such as alcoholism have attempted to stop drinking more than once. They sometimes find that the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal they experience when trying to go it alone prove...
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alcoholics anonymous
You have decided to take control of your drinking — congratulations! This part of your life can feel overwhelming and even scary at times, but getting support can make the process much easier to manage. Attending an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting can be an excellent place to begin. But, what should you know before you go?...
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