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Dallas Addiction Treatment Facility

We are Long Term Treatment Facility

Casa Colina is a a 90-day men’s Dallas addiction treatment facility. We specialize in dual-diagnosis treatment, trauma, grief and loss, anxiety, depression, and healing from the core wounds that often lead to substance abuse disorder. We expect clients who come into Casa Colina to become committed to treatment and recovery. This commitment includes yourself and your family when it comes to clinical recommendations.

A Dallas Long Term Treatment Center

Casa Colina Treatment Center, Taking You on the Journey to Recovery

The road to recovery from a drug or alcohol addiction is seldom a straight line. Just like life, you can take many different paths on this road to recovery. Some may get you there faster. Most importantly, you find a rehab program that will provide you with the tools to stay drug and alcohol-free, even after leaving the program. This is often not the most direct route. Taking the time and putting in the work now can positively impact the rest of your life.
Likely, you have already tried many treatment programs, but none have entirely panned out for the long run. Like ours near Dallas, a long-term residential treatment program focuses on more than just your sobriety at this moment. Through individual and group therapy, a safe clean-living environment, residents develop tools to go forward when they reenter their lives. This well-rounded dedication to your physical, mental, and emotional well-being can make a big difference in your long-term sobriety.

Dallas Addiction Treatment Facility

Establish the Tools Needed When Returning to Everyday Life

Casa Colina, Dallas Addiction Treatment Facility

Our Dallas Long-term rehabilitation program allows the resident to establish new patterns and behaviors that encourage a healthy lifestyle. The more time you can add to your sobriety in a safe environment better your chance of success. Living a clean, drug and alcohol-free life for ninety days in treatment allows the habitual behavior of an addict to diminish and replace them with new behaviors and coping mechanisms. You will establish a new routine during this time. Your mind and body will be cleared and healthier without the effect of outside substances. Exiting the program with ninety days of sobriety gives you a good start on a new life.

The Time You Need to Build a Successful Road to Recovery

More Benefits of a Alcohol Addiction Treatment Facility

Residential programs provide long-term sobriety plans through intensive therapy sessions that delve into the addiction’s deeper root cause. A 90-day residential program is the most effective treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction. Our program removes the addict from their lifestyle and outside influences. Which also pulls them from influences that may encourage and lead to regression during treatment.

A program that allows the addict to take time through the healing process is the most successful for long-term success. Putting in the work to address wounds and deeper issues will offer you the best start when reentering your life. A ninety-day residential rehabilitation program can give a recovering addict the time to heal fully. It gives them an awareness of themselves and the work that needs to be done after treatment to continue to live a sober life.

Discover the Difference, with our Long Term Treatment Center

A Proven Recovery Program, with a Process That Works

At our long term treatment center we have an established and proven ninety-day residential treatment program for addicts. You will spend the first thirty days helping clean your mind and body of the effects of drugs and alcohol. It also helps with the withdrawal that may affect you. That time is dedicated to establishing a routine at the facility, building a bond and trust with our therapists. 

Sixty Days of Treatment 

You are spending the next thirty days diving deeper into your psyche and the root causes of your substance abuse. This work is done with your therapist. As a result, opening up past wounds, allowing them to heal. This will give you the time you need to grieve and work on your peace of mind. Whether your addiction stems from past trauma, childhood experiences, or some other condition, your dedicated therapist will be able to work with you to put these feelings to rest. As a result, you have a clean slate when you leave the treatment facility.

After sixty days, there is still work to do before the resident is ready to reenter society sober. At this time, the resident will participate in a three-day intensive therapy program where their loved ones join them. Allowing for healing that needs to be done in a safe environment. It’ll also address enablement issues. The loved ones receives tools and therapy to support the resident after being released from treatment. 

Sixty to Ninety Days of Treatment

You will spend the remainder of these thirty days on the blocks of sober life while further solidifying the necessary tools to maintain their sobriety in the outside world. This additional time spent in a residential treatment program for drugs or alcohol will be the most effective way to maintain long-term sobriety after treatment. 

The last month is critical to the resident’s success after the program, allowing for the opportunity to address any lingering issues. This final month further establishes a pattern of living a drug and alcohol-free life, a critical mindset before leaving. At home or an aftercare program, we encourage our residents to continue their therapy and sober living through an outpatient program. This ensures that our residents know that they have a positive support program even after the ninety days.

Dallas Addiction Treatment

A dedicated 90 Day Addiction Treatment Center.

At Casa Colina Treatment Center, We Are Dedicated to Your Recovery

Casa Colina Treatment Center focuses on giving residents the best tools to live a happy and sober life. Our extensive ninety-day residential program offers residents the best chance at leading a drug and alcohol-free life after leaving the rehabilitation center. We address past trauma and emotional wounds with our ninety day program. Involving family members and loved ones in the program further gives you the best chance of staying sober for the long haul.

Long Term Treatment in Dallas, TX

Give Yourself the Time to Let New Behaviors Set

Some drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers focus on the immediate sobriety of the patient without understanding the reasons for that behavior. We can go above and beyond your immediate needs with a long-term residential program. Building a toolkit and accessing it when there’s a challenge with sobriety. These tools can be different for every individual. The Team at Casa Colina Treatment Center works with each resident to find the best coping mechanisms to ensure they stay away from drugs and alcohol. Taking the time to build these tools makes a big difference when our residents leave the center newly sober. Already with ninety days of sobriety, residents can return to their lives with a new set of techniques for coping with life’s stresses. Contact Casa Colina Treatment, a Dallas drug and alcohol addiction facility. 

    Casa Colina Treatment

    Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment Facility

    Dallas Alcohol & Drug Rehab

    We assign a fellow male peer to orient and help integrate him into the recovery community once a guest joins us at Casa Colina. Most addicts and alcoholics have lost all connection, even to themselves. Integration into a men’s community is cornerstone in the Casa Colina solution. While at Casa Colina, guests “live in the solution” according to the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. Furthermore, we challenge our clients with personal accountability to hold others accountable. This process does not happen overnight, so rest assured that our team would “be there” every step of the way to guide and support their solution journey. Guests will connect with the other men in the community and to a power greater than themselves that they choose to utilize.

    Casa Colina Treatment, A Dallas Addiction Treatment Facility

    During Your Stay at our Dallas Long Term Treatment Center

    During their stay, guests are giving different avenues to strengthen their connection, both physically and spiritually. Through physical activities, healthy supplements, and spiritual tools, and holistic therapy, guests will regain hope and begin healing. Hope is regained by ignoring old habits and beliefs and relearning new, healthy habits. It is becoming less concerned about themselves and more focused on others and a power greater than themselves. As they begin to heal away from their crutch, drugs and/or alcohol, they become vulnerable and receptive to the men in our community while being clinically supported by our Masters level clinicians. At our Dallas drug addiction treatment facility you will get the treatment you deserve. 

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