About Us

Casa Colina is Spanish for “House on the Hill.” Close enough for convenient access to DFW airport but far enough removed from the busy distractions of city life lies our beautiful 220-acre property. Our intimate, 23-bed facility sits next to rolling hills, glistening ponds, and beautiful views. It’s a peaceful setting perfect for you to begin your new life free from drugs and alcohol. Fishing, mountain biking, or just enjoying the tranquil movements of the horses and other wildlife offer a break from the profound work you will take part in during your 90 days at Casa Colina.

We hope that our “House” will be more like a home to you while you start your new journey to lifelong sobriety. Welcome home!

Our Story

Stories matter. We have a unique one at Casa Colina that we would like to share with you. A North Texas family was losing their son to drugs and alcohol. They began to lose hope that they would ever regain their son. He was heading down a dark, slippery slope with dire consequences. They reached out to Chico West for help and guidance. Because of Chico’s real experience, he was able to work with the family and make recommendations that forever changed the direction of their son’s life. They saw their son brought back to health and healing. Today, they continue to be amazed at what sobriety brings to their family and to their lives. Their painful experience with addiction led them to believe a higher purpose was in store for the land they had purchased, a sprawling ranch with over 220 acres that became the backdrop and home of Casa Colina.

Dallas Treatment

Our Name

Casa Colina is spanish for “House on the Hill”.

Our hope is that Casa Colina Treatment, our “house on the hill,” in historic Waxahachie will be a home away from home…an elevated location of healing, connection, and community for men who seek freedom in sobriety.

Our Mission

The team at Casa Colina is committed to equipping men and their families with the tools to achieve a lifetime of freedom in sobriety.

Dallas Treatment
Dallas Treatment

Our Philosophy

We believe that addiction is a chronic disease with genetic, psychosocial, and environmental factors influencing its development.

Our program strives to identify and arrest the progression of the disease. Our 90 day residential men’s program is designed to include an immediate introduction into individual and group counseling using the Twelve Step model along with Cognitive Behavioral and Existential Treatment modalities. We are also astutely aware of the coexistence of psychiatric illness. It is our policy to treat a chemical addiction as a primary illness unless the addiction is determined to be secondary to a psychiatric disorder.

Our Values

Values are principles that bring meaning to life.

The word “values” is defined as the regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something. Our team at Casa Colina embraces the personal and professional values of accountability, respect, honesty and service to others. We strive to practice these values in our own interactions while also living a disciplined life.

Dallas Treatment
Dallas Treatment

Our Goals

Having specific goals and standards inspires success and motivates our team to strive for excellence every single day.

  • Provide a comfortable residential setting to return our guests to their optimal level of personal functioning.
  • Foster a safe, fun and healthy environment for treatment.
  • Deliver exceptional care by utilizing a well trained and professional staff committed to our mission and values.
  • Develop effective and creative treatment interventions and therapeutic modalities.
  • Introduce, educate, and implement the 12 Steps of AA into the lives of our guests and their families.
  • Serve as a strong resource and guide to families.