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December 2021
The definition of enabling addiction.
When you see a friend or family member struggling with addiction, your natural reaction is to help them in any way you can. However, your actions may not always be the help they need. Instead of helping them face their problem, you could end up enabling their addiction.  What Is Enabling Addiction? Enabling addiction is...
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Horses are an essential part of how equine therapy works.
Part of your addiction recovery treatment could include equine therapy. Equine is another name used to describe horses. So, equine therapy means you will get to spend time around horses during your treatment sessions. Let’s discuss exactly how equine therapy works, and what it involves. What Is Equine Therapy? Horses are highly intuitive animals who...
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The two sides of understanding dual diagnosis and addiction.
Struggling with an addiction or a mental health disorder can be challenging on its own. However, when someone’s addiction leads to a mental health disorder or their mental health disorder leads to addiction, their condition becomes more complicated, requiring them to gain an understanding of dual diagnosis. What Is Dual Diagnosis? Dual diagnosis is also...
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Group therapy in Dallas for substance abuse
An important part of substance use disorder treatment is group therapy. This therapeutic method allows individuals to share their substance abuse issues while others listen in a non-judgmental, caring, and supportive environment. Group therapy in Dallas facilitates long-lasting recovery and sustainable sobriety. What Is Group Therapy? Group therapy is an interactive talk therapy session with a...
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Those receiving addiction treatment for healthcare professionals
We expect healthcare professionals to be there when we need medical care, surgery, or have an emergency. However, they often have a difficult time finding help and support for their own struggles. This is why addiction treatment for healthcare professionals must be specialized to meet their unique needs. Understanding Your Situation as a Healthcare Professional...
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