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October 2021
alcoholic son struggling with addiction
Many parents can find it quite challenging for their alcoholic son. Alcoholism is a disease that does not discriminate based on gender, age, financial situation, social status, or even where you live. It is hard enough for parents to admit their young adult son has a drinking problem, let alone an alcohol addiction.  Parents’ love...
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son is addicted to drugs
It is normal for parents who have young adult sons still living at home to want to help when they suspect their sons are addicted to drugs. However, it is crucial that you take the time to learn more about drug addiction to provide the help your son needs and not be an enabler.  What...
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dallas drug rehab
When we choose to get married, we actively participate in a relationship with our loved ones. But, unfortunately, relationships change, and things you may not have noticed while dating, after getting engaged, and eventually married, can start to surface.  If your husband was experimenting with drugs before getting married, he may have promised he would...
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benefits of drug rehab for men
Men that struggle with drug addiction can benefit from gender-specific programs that place them with other men. The substance abuse problems and issues that men and women face are often different in regards to what led to the addiction and the path to recovery and sobriety.  Many of the benefits of drug rehab for men...
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why do addicts keep using
It is common for those of us who have a family member or friend struggling with addiction to wonder why they keep using. Unfortunately, even when someone knows they have a substance abuse disorder, it is normal not to fully understand why they just cannot stop drinking or using drugs.  When the addict wants to...
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