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September 2021
depression in the latino community
Research has shown that only about 30% of Latinos will seek treatment for mental illness. Many people in the Latino community can face unique challenges that make it harder to get mental health treatment and services. Research carried out by the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) discovered that some of the more common mental...
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reaching your addicted loved one
When you have a male relative, spouse, or friend struggling with addiction, you may want to help them. However, it is not as easy as you might think to attempt to get them to admit they have a problem, let alone admit they have an addiction or even accept they need help. This can make reaching...
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One of the most popular social media trends is different challenges, like the ice bucket challenge or the 10-year challenge. The popularity of these kinds of challenges is due in part to the social aspect of it. Having peers support you can be provide a big benefit to achieving goals. This is especially true when...
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For men in addiction recovery, it can be easy to be dismissive of doctors, counselors, and others because it often feels these people do not truly understand the experience of addiction. As such, many men can feel like the struggle to get sober may not be entirely worth the effort. That is why peer support groups...
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