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July 2021
No matter how committed you are to recovering from a drug or alcohol addiction, there is always a chance that you may experience a relapse. Relapsing makes many people feel anxiety, shame, or regret; but it is important to realize that many people end up relapsing at least once after rehab. Most people who relapse...
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Working hard at recovery from addiction to alcohol and drugs provides a person with many victories to count. Sometimes challenges arise, causing someone to have concerns about how to handle them. When a trip to the hospital becomes part of your plan, you may be wondering how to maintain sobriety after major surgery. Major Surgery...
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history of heroin addiction
The history of heroin goes back to the 1800s, beginning life as a legal medical treatment. When heroin addiction became a problem, it was banned in the U.S. Since then, illegal trafficking and continued abuse of the drug have caused a great deal of damage for millions.  History of Heroin Addiction: The Origins of Heroin...
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