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June 2021
top 10 nutritional tips
When people think about the different ways to help themselves stay focused on recovery from drugs and alcohol, nutrition doesn’t always come to mind. Yet nutritional choices can become a factor in many ways. At our Dallas, Texas addiction recovery center, we take pride in our focus on nutrition and implementing it as part of our...
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does weed affect your memory
The legalization of recreational marijuana in approximately one-third of the states puts a spotlight on the drug. Approximately 22 million Americans smoke marijuana each month, making it the most popular narcotic used in the U.S. that is not fully legal in all states. Many people debate the positive effects they believe marijuana offers but plenty of...
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adderall paranoia
Adderall helps millions of people dealing with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). This prescription drug also assists those who suffer from a sleep disorder called narcolepsy. Taken at recommended dosages, which includes both immediate and extended-release tablets, Adderall often proves fairly risk-free. For some, there is a risk of developing Adderall paranoia. Symptoms of Adderall Paranoia Paranoia...
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can i get fired
Are you worried that if you take time off from work to go to rehab, you may lose your job? You have some protections in place to help you keep your job. It’s also worth considering that not seeking help for an addiction to drugs or alcohol may cause you to be terminated. Let’s get...
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