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March 2021
alcoholics anonymous
You have decided to take control of your drinking — congratulations! This part of your life can feel overwhelming and even scary at times, but getting support can make the process much easier to manage. Attending an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting can be an excellent place to begin. But, what should you know before you go?...
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vicodin and alcohol
It is not uncommon for people to mix mind-altering substances together. In fact, it happens all the time in nightclubs, bars, parties, etc. But, just because it happens all the time does not mean that it is safe. Combining Vicodin and alcohol, for instance, can be extremely dangerous both short-term and long-term and possibly even...
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coping with an alcoholic spouse
Coping with an alcoholic spouse can be extremely difficult, but there are ways to preserve your wellbeing along the way. Addiction affects not just the addict, but anyone close to them who spends time and shares space with them, especially family or housemates. The people who have an addict or alcoholic in the family all...
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