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Equipping Men and Their Families with the Tools to Achieve a Lifetime of Freedom in Sobriety

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Equipping Men and Their Families with the Tools
to Achieve a Lifetime of Freedom in Sobriety

Casa Colina
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Welcome to Casa Colina

A Texas Residential Treatment Center

“We believe that addiction is a chronic disease with genetic, psychosocial, and environmental factors influencing its development.”

Casa Colina is a Dallas Mens Drug and Alcohol Treatment located just south of downtown Dallas on over 200 acres of rolling hills. It is our hope that we will be your home away from home as you grow toward a lifetime of freedom in sobriety. The serenity of our landscape allows adult men the opportunity to focus on finding solutions to their drug and alcohol misuse while staying active in an outdoor environment.

Our Story
“Casa Colina believes in transparency in everything that we do.”

Our goal is to provide an environment that empowers men to find solutions by cultivating connections to other men and to a power greater than themselves while allowing them to live a life built on the values of honesty, accountability, respect and service to others. Rooted in the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, Casa Colina combines 12 Step principles with proven clinical techniques.

Our Program
“We have recovered and been given the power to help others” -Alcoholics Anonymous
“We’ve seen it work in ourselves” -Chico West, CEO

Many of our experienced team members are active participants in their own recovery from the disease of alcohol and drug addiction. like our guests, they are striving to live a life of discipline, joy, and freedom. Most of all, living and growing together as not just men in recovery, but brothers in life.

Our Services

Mens 90 Day Drug and Alcohol Rehab

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Addiction treatment for a loved one

Addiction takes its toll on the whole family. It ruins not only the lives of those we love but becomes an insidious thread that can tear apart even the most loving of families. If you have a family member or loved one struggling with addiction, read more about how Casa Colina helps families.

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Addiction treatment for a client

At Casa Colina, we believe that collaboration with local and national professionals and treatment providers is the key to achieving good client outcomes. If you are a professional serving those struggling with addiction and alcohol, read more about how Casa works with professionals.

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Addiction treatment for myself

At Casa Colina, we are sure you will find our secluded and peaceful location the perfect environment to start your live again. Our evidence-based therapies and family style living approach combine to create a community of men walking together towards long-term recovery.

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About Casa Colina

A Dallas Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center

Our hope is that Casa Colina Treatment, our “house on the hill,” in historic Waxahachie will be a home away from home…an elevated location of healing, connection, and community for men who seek freedom in sobriety.

Commitment to equipping men and their families with the tools to achieve a lifetime of freedom in sobriety. Read More

We believe that addiction is a chronic disease with genetic, psychosocial, and environmental factors influencing its development. Read More

Values are principles that bring meaning to life. Our team at Casa Colina embraces the personal and professional values of accountability, respect, honesty and service to others.  Read More

We believe in the healing power of telling your story. Read Ours!

Casa Colina Texas Addiction Treatment


My brother at age thirty-one was at deaths door when we found him in the streets of New Orleans. As a user for over a decade, his emotional and physical well-being was at the bottom of the barrel…the end of the road…the pits. The staff, or as I call it, the family at Casa Colina was the saving grace he needed for his recovery. They gave my brother and us as a family the tools we all needed to recover from his disease. He is now five and half months clean, the longest he has ever gone. He is maintaining his commitment to the principles of the treatment that the staff at Casa Colina taught him. Addiction is the biggest devastation a family can suffer, and Casa Colina has turned his life around. We get our brother, son, nephew, uncle, cousin and so much more back. There is no testimonial that can describe the gratefulness we have for the program at Casa Colina. Every day with him is a gift and we thank the staff and program at Casa Colina for this.


After a long period of sobriety, when I thought all was well, my son’s  life began to unravel .   As a result of a near death experience, he agreed to enter Casa Colina Treatment to begin the long journey of recovery.  The 90 program focusing on the 12 Steps of AA,  as well as the healing of the the mind and body, not just detox, has been a godsend to our family. The family program was a great touchstone to see how he was doing and how much potential he has.. Learning more  about why the addict behaves the way he does and exercises with the other families and their addicts, is helping to build a better mother/son relationship going forward.  My son left Casa for a sober living house and the start of piecing his life back together to  become the man he was created to be.  He is on his way and is, in turn, using his skill set to serve and work in the recovery community.  I will always be grateful to Chico and the professionals and wonderful staff, especially Kay and Matt, for being part of the  village that has  helped set him back on the path of recovery and life. I highly recommend Casa Colina Treatment’s program as a meaningful part in  the recovery of other men.

Jennifer G.

Our Team

The team at Casa Colina strives to meet the following goals:

  • Provide a comfortable residential setting to return our guests to their optimal level of personal functioning.
  • Foster a safe, fun and healthy environment for treatment.
  • Deliver exceptional care by utilizing a well trained and professional staff committed to our mission and values.
  • Introduce, educate, and implement the 12 Steps of AA into the lives of our guests and their families.
  • Serve as a strong resource and guide to families.
Our Team
Casa Colina Team

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